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Welfare Benefits

Operates the welfare facilities

Referring to facilities, cash, spot goods, services and housing, health care, living (feeding, clothing, commuting, education, etc.), deduction insurance for expenditure for congratulations and condolences, culture, sports, recreation, etc.

  1. Provides free lunch service at the company restaurant.
  2. Provides fitness center, pool table, table tennis, fitness equipment.
  3. Operates counseling center for personal problems.
  4. Supports bonus for returning home during Korea’s traditional holidays and supports meal expenses for the Month of Family.
  5. Supports driver’s insurance
  6. Supports group accident insurance for the whole employees.
  7. Provides seasonal work clothes.
  8. Provides safety protection equipment, safety shoes, gloves, etc.
  9. Operates cars for commuters
  10. Provides cultural expense twice a year (by family number)
  11. Athletic events, table tennis, billiards, basketballs, foot volleyball, etc. in the gym.
  12. Birthday celebrations in the first day of the month
  13. Best staff awards in the end of the year (gold medal)
  14. Sends 2 or more best employees abroad for training

Housing and student support programs

“Provides loan financing of long-term low interest for homeless employees, and also supports school expenses for high school and university students who are children of employees.”

  1. Provides labor welfare fund, and operates additional funds
  2. Provides loan financing for the homeless employees to buy their house and loans for life stability fund.
  3. Supports education expenses for the children of employees – University admission fee, tuition, etc.
  4. Supports education expenses for the children of employees – High school students, college students.

Provides incentives for family events

Provides expenditure for congratulations and condolences for individuals and families of employees.

  1. Provides expenditure for congratulations and condolences.
  2. Vacation for congratulations and condolences

Supports social gathering

Promotes fellowship among employees through culture, leisure and physical activity.

  1. Supports in-house football club – Supports rental fee for a place
  2. Supports friendship groups – Cheongwoo Club, Toryong Club, etc.

Rest facilities

  1. Operates lounge – Internet-available PC installation
  2. Fitness room
  3. Shower room
  4. PRAY ROOM – Meditation place

Various gifts

  1. Gifts for Korea’s traditional holidays (Lunar New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day)
  2. Gifts for Labor Day
  3. Parents’ Day, New Year – Roll Cakes
  4. Anniversary gifts

Operates dormitory (3 apartments – 54 square meters, 58 square meters)
Provides Labor Welfare Fund

Supports human resource development

Fundamental competency

Basic, leadership training

  1. Supports cyber, postal training costs – Reflects performance rating and promotion
  2. Training for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace
  3. Celebrity-invited lectures – Personal development, change management, successful memoir, lectures on health.

Job competency

Training for improving business skills

  1. Supports in attending key business skills, operates training group – Reflects performance rating and promotion.
  2. Supports in entering evening college – Supports tuition, permits 2 hours off work
  3. Supports in entering Broadcasting and Communications College – Supports tuition, textbooks
  4. Supports costs for A-CAD curriculum – for all employees

Global capacity

Improves foreign language and global mindset

  1. Supports cyber training costs
  2. Attends and participates in international exhibition
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