DIW-8PA (1/2″) Air Impact Wrench

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DIW-8PA Air Impact Wrench of Yangsan Machinery

DIW-8PA Air Impact Wrench of Yangsan Machinery


  • Specially used in the field of automobile assembly line or maintenance
  • Double hammer type
  • Front exhaust

For Use Attention

  • Before using, read manual supplied with tool.
  • Wear ear and eye protection.
  • Repetitive motions or exposure to vibration may be harmful to your hands or arms.
  • Use only standard accessories.

Recommended Arrangement of Air Piping

Recommended Arrangment of Air Piping


DIW-8PA_Impact Wrench_Deal Drawing


Model Hex Size (in) Bolt Size (Size) Max. Free Speed (RPM) Max. Torque (kg.m) Weight (kg) Length (mm) Thread air inlet (in) Average air consumption (m3/min) Recommended air pressure (kg/cm2)
DIW-14N2 1/2 M12~M16 7,200 54 2.6 184 PT 1/4 0.7 6
DIW-13P2 1/2 M12~M16 4,800 68 2.8 202 PT 1/4 0.4 6
DIW-8PA 1/2 M8~M10 7,500 38 1.6 160 PT 1/4 0.4 6
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